15 November 2014

0 Week 9?

Assalamualaikum. Hey hey :)

Long time, I dont update the new entry. Hmm.

Yah. I dont know wether it is true that its already week 9. Huiyoo. Time flies so fast. And its almost final. Should "yeay" or not? ._.

For sure. The softskill class had already end and I only have one class on that day which is only Prep. I am wondering if I am not taking Prep on that day, I might have one holiday between tuesday and thursday. Yippi!

Besides, the M&I also "on the right track" to the final. Yeay! We only got one experiment left which is Lab 13 before having a test. #Pray4Afnan

So, before I end up my "writing", I am proudly want to introduce my Lab group's member xD Haha. Panjang sangat :3

Sarawak-ian (Jerrold), Peninsular-ian (Afnan) and Sabah-ian (Tikah).
Bye bye!