21 June 2015

0 Final

Assalamualaikum and hello guys J

How are you?

First of all, I would like to wish “Selamat berpuasa” to all muslims out there. Bangun sahur. And. The most important is don’t ever “ponteng puasa” >.<


Esok Afnan dah mula final exam bagi subjek teras. Sebelum ni, Afnan dah jawab yang paper Prep, Etnik dan TMX. Wuuu wuuu. Jadi. Tinggal paper core. Wish me luck for tomorrow and sampai kuar result. Ni tengah final preparation ja. Yang paling nampak lost sikit tu subject Engineering Math 2 :’( Sedih kayyy.

Doakan kamek dapat jawab exam ni dengan tenang dan jaya J.

Bye bye!

7 June 2015

0 Jamuan KoQ

Assalamualaikum and hye guys.

Today I want to share our last KoQ activity focusing on our own activity which is “jamuan akhir”. It had happened during last Wednesday.
On that day, I come a “bit” late. That’s making me to be not prepared to take any picture to be share with you guys during that event (how many “to” in that sentence? xD). Luckily, there someone who share the picture that they had taken on Whatsapp. So, I attached here for your tatapan.
By the way, credit to them (he/she) J

That’s all from me. Bye bye!

2 June 2015

0 Carnival KoQ

Assalamualaikum and hello there.

Today I am gonna tell you about our last event. Heh. It was KoQ Carnival which had been done on 27 Mei 2015. Taraaa!

The saddest part is its being done at "Kampus Timur". We have to took bus to go there.  The wordest part is when it comes to the ending of this event. We can see "sardin". Yum yum. One bus being packed with .... (I dont know how many student in there ==").

For this KoQ Carnival, our subteras "Kesukarelawan: Literasi Dalam Masyarakat Istimewa" does not win anything. I repeat. "Does not win anything" (tear with joy). But yeah, still okay as long as we are all enjoy doing this. In the morning, we have "Talent Show". Our team do poco poco (Dr Ong ask us to do this T.T). Most of the dancer forgot their steps (I think). And I am the one of them xD

Yeah. It is still okay. Bak kata-kata, adat pertandingan. Ada kalah dan ada menang. Kan kan...

Actually, for this KoQ Carnival. It is more to exhibition. At there, we can see other subteras promote their subteras (rare kan ayat. Ehem.)

I gain many experience from this activity. Seeing unknown person visiting our booth and playing our awesome game that we called DART.
Another experience that I learned from there is before taking any buses, do take a look on which route do the bus take. Cc Unimas Students.

Thats all from me. Thank you :)

Certain of "them"