9 May 2015

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Assalamualaikum and hi.

Today’s entry, I want to share with you guys my experience.
EE student punya fieldtrip xXD
On 2nd of May, we went to Wisma Wanita Kuching for Ko-Q task. Since I choose Literasi Dalam Masyarakat Istimewa as my Ko-Q courses. So, I have to deal with them. For this trip, we being provided with two buses.  First trip at 6:30 a.m and second trip at 7:30 a.m.

First slot we have ice breaking. AJK Aktiviti divide us into groups based on the sound of an animal. We have moo, meow, quack, mbek and woof sound. Mine is the woof sound. 
So, taaruf begin. For my group, my anak-anak is Yaya, Nong and Kak Sal. After finishing the taaruf session, we have game session. In this game, they (the one who play) need to pass the balloon to other members in the same group using the back of pencil. And the winner for this game is ………………….. (krik krik).

Then, the second slot is Literasi Session 1 where we teach them to read and write. So, we teach them to read english book and also to write down the english words.

At night, our activity is Night Show. Each group have to make "persembahan" and that "persembahan" must contain moral values. My team punya persembahan is "Poco poco". I am not sure what kind of moral values contain in poco-poco dance xD

And guess what. Our team win the first place. Wohoooo! Poco poco win!
Actually at first, we plan to do a Korean Dance but since we don't have the song from that Korean group and also some of them express their interest to do poco-poco. So, proceed with poco-poco.

We WIN!!!

3rd of May (last day with them).
We have "senam tari" in the morning. That best part is Xi Shua Shua (forgot how to spell it xD). And then, we have Express Yourself session. In this session, they make collage from paper (that tampal tampal) to express what they want to be or what they want to have in the future. Every person have a dream, so do they :)

Then, we have Literasi Session Part 2. Now, they get book 10 from Dr Ong. Yeay! A bit different from Part 1 is they need to present their learning in front of Dr Ong.

It is such a great moment. I can see how they struggle to remember from A until Z. I can see how they struggle to read that english book. May they achieve what they wish to have and be one day in the future. As what Dr Ong said, certain of them, mental are okay. Only their physical are not okay. While, certain of them are a silent learner. But for sure, both of them does not be given a chance to become excellent. So, we need to change our "tanggapan" on them from now. You and I. Try!

Lastly. From this activity. I can conclude that our ukhwah between members of KoQ club become close. Aisehman :p Although I cant remember their name but yet I still can interact with them. Its a magic! LOL

I end my entry here.

So, bye. Have a nice day (kata Amir)!