14 November 2013

0 Hello Hey Holla Hye

Assalamualaikum and Hi friends :)

How are you? Long time not see ya. Actually I dont have any idea on what to write. So, let me share you something.

Ehem. I had just finish my first sem last last week. How cool it is. You hear that? Cool! But not so cool until I get my pspm result. Aargh. Hate it. I am scared of it. I am not sure if I am doing well during the exam. Hope I can still further my studies in PST for the next sem. Amin...

So for now. I am in a holiday mood. I can wake up late. Haha. Actually not so late xD I can online 24 hours unless my father unplug the celcom wifi and bring it along to school. Sad life :'( I can eat, eat and eat all time. Emm. Actually no :p I am on diet okay. Walla!

Sometime I am also getting bored. Doing the same thing all day. But it still okay right? With the power of internet -..- Twitter. Facebook. Wechat. Whatsapp. And Youtube.

Oh. I forgot something. I am taking muet this, 23hb. Muet writing, listening and reading. Wish me luck guys! I am just lose so many marks in muet speaking. I think :3

So. That all. Bye for now. Until we meet again. Before that. I am good in english. So, please dont comment about my grammar mistakes :p

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